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  The vacuum packing machine

Ever seen those commercials on TV that sells a product to protect your food in the freezer. Yes that typical product. One or many of the products that you've seen has taken the idea from this food processing technology. It's called vacuum packing. Vacuum packing is a process applied to cold storage food through the physical measurement carried out under conditions below atmospheric pressure.

So why do we need to vacuum pack our product.

Used To Protect The Product From Gas Barriers
Gas barriers are the enemies for meat-based products. Such meat-based products that contain protein could be reduced to more than 70%. Gas barriers constituents the atmosphere and cause a physical or chemical reaction. Vacuum packing leaves no space between the package and the product. Because of this, no gas or air will appear. There for it will avoid from the chemical reaction caused due to the atmosphere.

Avoids Ice Particles From Appearing Onto The Surface of The Product
It is advised that meat-based products are to be kept in cold storage with the temperature of less than -18°C. Under these circumstances ice particles will appear on the surface of the product.

These ice particles makes it difficult to handle the product for example when you are trying to cook the product. Due to the fact that vacuum packing leaves no space between, ice particles are impossible to reappear. It is likely that these ice particles would only appear on the outside of the package. Not the inside.

Protects The Texture of The Meat
Under the circumstances of high and low moisture levels, meat products cannot withstand the unpredictable situation. It is hard to avoid such circumstances as these products in the industry has to be carried in and out and it has to be transported here and there. When the products face situations like these, it could damage the texture of the products.

Vacuum packing makes the product les fragile.
When the product is vacuumed packed, it makes handling easier. Therefore it makes it very reliable to be carried anywhere or transported everywhere.

Gives A Good Appearance to the Product

  The Old Rivers machine is
used to package our products

Heat causes the surface of the product to expand, while cold causes the surface of the product to decrease. This process of expanding and decreasing causes the shape of the product to change into various types. When this happens the appearance will become unattractive.

Take for example, sausages. When it is done manufactured the sausage will have an elongated shape. When it is vacuum packed the sausage will still maintain its shape.

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