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Fibrous Casing

Fibrous Casing is one of the types of packaging used to protect meat-based products. It is used to control the level of inner adhesion to a hitherto unprecedented degree. In other words the surface of the meat-based product becomes consistent.

This brings the result of reliable constant adhesion, exceptional peel ability, and the constant characteristics at different moisture levels.

Fibrous casing gives a reliable standardization of production process and end products. This type of casing is suitable for all dry sausages and related specialty application such as coated, white dipped, aroma sealed and vacuum packed products.

There are two types of casing. One is the casing with the highest level of adhesion used to package dry meat based products. It gives a variation with longer ripening time.

The other one is the casing with the lowest level of adhesion used for semi dry meat based products such as coated salami or cooked meat products. Both types of casings can outstand the irrespective moisture level.

Intensive and exhaustive test under realistic market circumstances have fully proven the peerless characteristics of fibrous casings.

  High moisture level  

  Low moisture level

How We Are Using It

Here at Prima-Agri we are using fibrous casing to package our cold cuts. We are using a product called Nalo Top Casing 90/400 Red.

This particular casing is made from a special paper pulp (abaca fiber). Which is impregnated with cellulose fibrous. The great structural strength ensure uniform products from end to end. It is known to be "the toughest casing of em' all".

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