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Research was conducted which lead to a new discovery in the food industry. Casing supplier Vikase Marketing and specialty chemical company Rhodia Food have collaborated together in resulting the Nojax AL cellulose casing.

Developed in the US the cellulose casing effectively reduces the risk of Listeria Monocytogenes Surface Contamination.

This technology has won the GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) endorsement from the US Food and Drug Administration.

According to a report done by Rhodia Food, this technology uses a natural anti microbial system to the surface of the meat in the cellulose casing.

Since the discovery of this astonishing breakthrough, the US and countries from Europe have been using it to package their meat based products.

  Listeria Monocytogenes Surface Contamination that always appears on the surface of the meat based product

  The Natural Anti microbial System on the casing  

How We Are Using It

At Prima-Agri we are implementing this latest technology. The product Nojax Casing 22/55 CL is used to package our sausages. Our cellulose casing is produced from cotton liners (the fuzz from the cotton seeds), which are dissolved and generated into casing. It provides a high structural strength to the packaged product making it protected from any damage of infection.

The Nojax casing used by us gives a good display and impression to serve the purpose of attracting consumers into buying our product. Consumers will feel confident when they look at the product at a glance.

This cellulose casing maintains the moisture of the product when being stored in cold storage. It also helps when the product is being cooked.

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