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Prima Halal Food Park

  The concept of business operation is very unique
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Prima Halal Food Park aims to be the production hub of the halal delicatessen and meat products for the world.

Prima Agri-Products Sdn Bhd is with its knowledge and experience in processing, manufacturing, distributing and marketing halal delicatessen. With over 522 commercial delicatessen recipes it has now attained international regulatory.

Customer accreditation for its products and premises shall expand through sharing and transfer of expertise.

Built on a 100 acre of land this Halal Food Park will provide 68 factory units for 68 SMIs. SMIs will own the factory unit and benefit from the facilities provided by the food park.

The SMI will be in charge of the production and manufacturing of the halal meat based products.


  The location of Prima Halal Food Park
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Prima Halal Food Park, which is located in Kuantan, Pahang is one of the six halal food parks proposed by the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), Ministry of Agriculture.

It holds 100 acres industrial Land in Gambang; distribution of the halal products would not be a hassle as it accessible to the new West-East Coast Highway.

It is located 40km from the Kuantan Port and 250km from the international Port Klang. This food park, which will be operational end of 2007, offers a wide range for sale to foreign and local manufacturers.


  The food park will provide facilities to 68 SMIs
Learn about the facilities


The Prima Halal Food Park will be complete with state of the art facilities such as factory units, storage facilities and office spaces.

The facilities will be provided to the 68 SMIs. The facilities will help reduce the cost of production, storage and logistics for the SMIs.

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