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News and Events

  February 2006   No Bird Flu Risk For Consumers From Cooked Poultry & Eggs
  October 2005   Prima Leader In Halal Food
  March 2005   Enforce Division To Have 5,000 Men
  March 2005   Guard Against Misuse of Halal Logo
  March 2005   The Fowl Story - Another Kind of Success
  August 2004   Prima Halal Food Park - A Success Story

Upcoming events

World Halal Forum 2006, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
MIHAS 2006,
Malaysian International Exibition & Convention Centre (MIECC)

Past events

Anuga 2005
Food & Hotel Malaysia 2005

For Malaysian viewers

Mac 2005
Perakuan Halal Oleh Prima Agri-Producst Sdn. Bhd.
Mac 2005
Prima Akan Saman Peyebar Fitnah
Mac 2005
Prima Dapat Petunjuk Dalang SMS Sabotaj
Mac 2005
Jangan Percaya SMS Fitnah
Mac 2005
Sosej 1901, Halal Untuk Dimakan



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