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Accreditation Review

Throughout the years, since Prima ventured into business, it has been awarded various recognition and awards. Its adherence towards quality products has been tested and approved by organizations of international standards.

The management and staff take pride and responsibility in ensuring that all accreditation are maintained.


Things you didn't know
about us
Prima was the first Malaysian Company to be accredited by the European Union for the export of cooked and processed poultry products in 2002.
Most of the meat-based products manufactured by Prima are used in established fast food chains such as Pizza Hut, Dominos, Shakey's Delifrance, Secret Recipe, A&W and Viking.
Prima uses SAFAR, a 100% cholesterol-free fat as a substitute to animal fat in all its products.
Prima are exporting its products to Brunei, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, the European Union, Macedonia, Pakistan and Bangladesh.
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